SwabSURE Pathogen ID Kit

Supporting the UK’s No.1 Enviroscreen range, the SwabSURE range offers pathogen detection on the following organisms:

SS-L01 for Pathogenic Listeria only.
SS-L02 for Listeria Species.
SS-L03 for Salmonella.
SS-L04 for E.coli/Coliform.

Each product has been formulated to reliably detect target organisms down to 1 CFU and provide a clear and precise colour change allowing ‘at a glance’ identification of potential samples that need further investigation. SS-L04 has the added benefit of separating E.coli from coliforms by an extra specific colour step.

The SwabSURE ID kits simplify the whole testing process and offer the user the ideal routine negative screening product that reduces

  • The pressure on the laboratory workload.
  • conserves resources.
  • Brings down the cost per test and the overall processing time.
  • Speeds up the release times for finished goods.
  • Protects company reputation and cashflow.
  • Meeting safety and regulatory requirements such as HACCP.



SwabSURE Pathogen ID Kit