Hygiene Sponge Sampling Kits

Hygiene Sponge sampling Kits - Easy Open & Stomacher Proof.

All in one sampling Kit with simple, easy open Stomacher proof bag – No scissors, no transfer, less mess! Same Reliable product, just more convenient – Please check out the video simulations...

Sponge Alone

Part 1 - Swabbing Procedure

Part 2 - Sampling Processing


TS/15-SH - Process Method

Unlike others, TSC Sponges sampling kits not only neutralise by immediate dilution, but also neutralise disinfectants that are not readily inactivated this way using our unique Neutralising Buffer. Only TSC product offers all round neutralising. The ready to use non-inhibitory cellulose blue sampling sponges for the microbiological analysis of different surfaces, providing optimal microorganism recovery for sampling food contact surfaces as well as sampling in environmental and industrial settings.

  • Uncover - hidden contamination exposed
  • Neutralise   - disinfectant residues gone
  • Save time - total sampling solution
  • Ready - pre-moistened for convenience
  • Strengthen - brands protected
  • Easy - sample large areas quick
  • Superior - sponge collection & release
  • Secure - safe sample transport
  • Invaluable - HACCP & routine testing

Ideal solution where disinfectants & sanitisers are used, including food production surfaces & transport, clinical & veterinary infection control, pharmaceutical & cosmetics facilities and valuable in cleaning validation, protecting your brand & preventing costly recalls.

Hygiene Sponge Sampling Kits