Probact Transport Swabs

Complete Full M40 sampling kits for timed transport of all types of micro-organisms. CE marked and complies with the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

Full M40 Amies Clear medium gives upto 24 hours survival and is ideal for microscopy work.

Full M40 Amies Charcoal medium can provide upto 48hrs transport survival using activated charcoal to absorb toxic metabolites away from the sample.

Full M40 Amies Liquid medium is ideal for integration with high volume automated laboratoies, providing upto 48hrs transport survival.

All transport kits include a range of swabs with a choice of synthetic and natural materials, allowing the user to tailor cost and performance (user instructions). Tamper evident seals and caps are included for assured security.

Sterilised by Gamma irradiation to ensure a SAL of at least 10-6

Full M40 Compliant

Probact Transport Swabs