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Pack size: 100

Hygiene Swab Sampling - 10ml Neutralising Buffer - 10ml Neutralising Buffer in tube, polystyrene (breakable) shaft with Polyester (dacron) tip swab in peel pouch.


Description: 10ml Neutralising Buffer in tube. Includes a polystyrene (breakable) shaft with Polyester (dacron) tip swab in peel pouch.

Recommended for: Hygiene and environmental monitoring of equipment or surfaces testing where traces of disinfectants are possibly present. Can be used to comply with ISO18593:2018

Ideal for: maintaining & transporting microbiological samples & eliminating any traces of sanistisers or disinfectants remaining on surfaces.

Excellent recovery of organisms including: TVC, Listeria spp., Staphylococci, Enterobacteriaceae eg Salmonella, E.coli (E coli / ecoli / e. coli), Enterobacter, staphylococcus, klebsiella, E. coli Enterobacter, Enterobacter sakazakii.

Accurate volumes for serial dilution techniques

Shelf Life: 2 years.

Sterilisation Method:

Gamma Irradiation to achieve a SAL of 10-6

Alternatives: TS/5-40, TS/6-61, TS/6-63BP

Code Name Colour Length Quantity Pack size No. in case Shelf life
TS/5-42 Swab Sampling Kits - 10ml NB n/a n/a 1 100 n/a 2 years