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Pack size: 100

PreMoist Hygiene Swab - Pre-moistened Foam Tip Swab TSC Neutralising Buffer, white polystyrene breakpoint (at 65mm) shaft. Supplied in tube only. Download Flyer: Pre-moist_Swab_Flyer.pdf




Pre-moistened Foam tip swab in TSC Neutralising Buffer, white polystyrene breakpoint (at 65mm from tip) shaft. Supplied in tube only. Breakpoint included for convenient sample removal, transfer to smaller vials & further analysis.

Recommended For:
hygiene surveillance (HACCP) and environmental monitoring of most surfaces where chemical residue neutralisation is desired. Foam tip offers enhanced sample collection and release.

  • Foam tip offers enhanced sample collection and release
  • Breakpoint for easy sample analysis
  • Easy to break off into vial
  • No swab cap once broken, so stops the stomacher bag getting damaged, potentially affecting sample count

Ideal For: whole sample analysis, as all sample is contained on swab. Food security from 'farm to fork' scenarios, including TACCP validation. Breakpoint may not be suitable in food preparation areas.

Known Limitations: Analyse as soon as possible due to the small volume, so to minimise sample dryout and organism loss. Refrigeration will stabilise recovery of some organisms. Not suitable for most fastidious organisms unless analysed immediately. Unsuitable for certain sample areas due to inclusion of breakpoint.

Shelf Life: 24 months

Sterilisation Method: Gamma Irradiation to achieve a SAL of 10-6

Code Name Colour Length Quantity Pack size No. in case Shelf life
TS/6-63BP100. PreMoist Hygiene Swab n/a n/a 1 100 n/a 24 months