ISO Certs & Info

Please find our most commonly requested documents listed below for easy download as PDF's PDF. For Instructions for use (IFU) and Videos, please see the Product range page or individual Product pages for links. If you can not find the document you require, please contact us for further assistance.  

Quality Certificates

PDF Download ISO 9001 Certificate

PDF Download ISO 13485 Certificate

PDF Download EC Annex V Certificate (Inc Extension Letter)

PDF Download UKCA (applies UK only) Medical Certificate 

Price List

PDF Download the complete 2024 Price List (<2mb).

Download the complete 2024 Price List (small spreadsheet)

Product Brochures            


PDF Download the Enviroscreen Brochure

PDF Download the Pre-moistened Swab Flyer

Sterile Dry Swab and Transport Swab Brochure

PDF Download the Swab Brochure

'Which swab guide'

PDF Download the Which Swab Guide

Protect Microorganism Preservation System

PDF Download the Product Brochure

Sterile Culture Loops, Needles and Spreaders Brochure

PDF Download the Loops, Needles and Spreaders Brochure

SwabSure ListeriaP - direct detection of pathogenic Listeria

PDF Download the SwabSure ListeriaP Brochure


SwabSure Verification Reports

SwabSURE Listeria species (SS-L02) verification report

Download Report

SwabSure Salmonella (SS-L03) verification report

Download Report

SwabSure E.coli/Coliform (SS-L04) verification report

Download Report  

Clinical/Product Studies

PDF Download Study using TS/15-B

PDF Download Study using TS/6-A

PDF Download Study using TS/5-28

Amies Clear Studies

PDF J.M. Anderton et al, 1983 - Bacteriological swabs in hip surgery

PDF Thomas W. Bauer et al, 2006 - Current Concepts Review

PDF Margret Oethinger et al, 2010 - Diagnosing Periprosthetic Infection

PDF Craig J. Della Valle et al,1999 - The Role of Intraoperative Gram Stain in Revision Total Joint Arthroplasty 

Terms and Conditions of Sale

PDF Download Terms and conditions of sale