Pack price (GBP): £55.90 Ex-works
Pack size: 1000

Slide Blotters for Microscope Slides

Paper Blotting 89mm x 140mm


Description: Slide Blotting Paper 89mm x 140mm. Non linting.

Recommended for: Routine drying of specimens without removal and destruction.

Ideal For: removing excess liquid/dye from microscope slides. Each Blotter will dry 5 normal sized slides.

Shelf Life: 2 years

Sterilisation Method: Not applicable.

Known Limitations: Once opened, the filter paper will start absorb atmospheric moisture so ensure the plastic film is resealed with sellotape to slow/prevent the degradation.

Applicable Standards: Not Applicable.

Code Name Colour Length Quantity Pack size No. in case Shelf life
TS/100-20 Side Blotters n/a n/a 1 1000 n/a 2 years